MVPN Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon and Volunteer of the Month-February

On February 10th, we held an appreciation luncheon for our active MVPN Volunteers. This was held at Golden Corral here in Waco. We had a valentine’s day theme, just to show them that we love them all! We also had goodie bags for each volunteer, loaded with gift cards (donated from local restaurants), candy, a handwritten note, and Veterans One Stop swag (magnets, pens). Once our volunteers were signed in, they each received 10 tickets and were given 6 different prizes to choose from to drop their tickets in for the raffle. Some of our prizes including gift cards, a Cabela’s cooler package, a gift set from Baylor Flowers, and a gift set from Orscheln Farm and Home. All prizes were donated from local businesses here in Waco! We awarded one of our top Kitchen Angels Judy Granger with MVPN Volunteer of the Month for February. She received a standing ovation from her peers as she was awarded her plaque.

-Judy Granger accepting MVPN Volunteer of the Month for February, given by One Stop’s Program Manager Bobbi Stewart.

-A well deserved standing ovation for MVPN Volunteer of the Month for February recipient Judy Granger.

-Harumi Nakamata showing her excitement after winning the Cabela’s Cooler Package!

-APSC Taylor Jones and MVPN Volunteer of the Month for February and Kitchen Angel Judy Granger, who also won a beautiful gift bag from Baylor Flowers!

-Teresa Rockensoch was the winner of this excellent coffee collection, courtesy of Orscheln Farm & Home!

-Karen, one of our most dedicated MVPN volunteers, won a $25 gift card to Twisted Root Burger Co. – Waco!

-Trying to show our love for our MVPN Volunteers with gorgeous decorations!